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- Exc. condition 2004 G & L ASAT Fullerton made bass with OHSC ! The G&L ASAT Semi Hollow Bass is essentially a L-2000 packed into an ASAT body shape with a narrower 1 1/2" nut width to help balance the instrument. The result is one of the coolest looking basses ever to come from the mind of Leo Fender with all the power and flexibility of a L-2000. Tom Hamilton of Aerosmith has been a fan of the ASAT bass since the 1990's and has his own signature model.The foundation of the G&L ASAT Bass is a pair of G&L Magnetic Field Design humbuckers backed by the flexible Tri-Tone control system. This combination provides the versatility that will let you find your tone no matter what kind of bass line you are grooving to. The Tri-Tone system features Three (3) mini toggles for pickup selection, series / parallel signal routing, and active / passive operation. The Three (3) knobs control Volume, Treble, and Bas
- Nordy VJ5

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- LowEnd Basses - LEJ's, yes I want my own. I cant keep up with orders!!!!!

-- Tobias's Pre-Gibson
- Alembic Series I and II's as well as other neck-through upper end models
- Carl Thompson basses
- Pedulla neck-through MVP, Buzz and thunderbass
- Curbow USA rockwood neck basses
- Sadowsky NYC basses
- Celinder P and J basses
- Ken Smith basses
- Wal Basses
- late 80's, early 90's Warwick Dolphin, Thumb, Streamers