1987 Warwick Thumb 5 String


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Bass JD Thumb Bass NT, 5-string
Serial Number L 6086
Year 1986
Month November
Number 60
Neck Wood Wenge Wood with Afzelia Layers
Fingerboard Wenge Wood, with 4 mm mother of pearl Dots
Frets Bronze Warwick Frets
Nut Just-A-Nut Brass Version
Neck construction Neck-Through hidden neck construction
Body 3 pcs. solid Afzelia Wood
Surface Oil Finish / BeeWax Surface
Pickups 2 passive JJ Bartolini Pickups
Electronic 2 Band MEC Active Electronics (9v)
Hardware Made by Schaller for Warwick

Hans Peter Wilfer’s words
Dear Mr. -,
Thanks for your mail and you have one of the first ever made Warwick Thumb Bass NT 5 strings manufacturer in November 1986.. we presented the Bass at Frankfurt Musik Messe 1986 in the spring time. The first models where still a experience because it was very hard in this time to get the right pickups with the right length so your Bass has from this time Bartolini Pickups.

The first Name of the Thumb Basses was called John Davis after a local Bass Player in Nürnberg like the Nobby Meidel Bass only in 1987 or so I changed the Name finally to the THUMB BASS… the design from the Bass is from my side…

I hope you will love your really rare Thumb NT 5, this is a collector model already.. you must be proud to have it.. hope it is still in a great condition…

So all the best, I hope this information is helping you.. enjoy playing your very early Warwick Bass and we wish you a happy and healthy New year, freedom and peace…
Hans – Peter Wilfer
Owner / President
Warwick GmbH & Co Music Equipment KG