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When this guitar was officially released there were only 50 made.  Those 50 should have been signed.  This one was made prior to the 50 pc limited run and was the display at NAMM 2009, So it could be looked at like “#0 of 50” or something.  I
“pre-limited edition”

Email exchange with previous owner and Dean guitars.

> It was made for the NAMM show so yes, It was a precursor to the limited run.
> I’m sure it is a killer axe, enjoy and thanks for choosing Dean guitars
>> Thank you, Brad. That information is very helpful.
>> Please if you can answer one more question, on the dean website under the USA Korina VMNT it is stated, “Limited Run – only 50 to be produced world wide”… Is my guitar part of those 50, or is it a precursor to the limited run?
>> I really appreciate the help, again I’m happy either way, I’m just curious and would like to share with some others on the forums that were asking me.
>> Thank you.
>> Joseph

>>> Looks like your guitar was made for the Namm show in 2009
>>> Probably sold there and then sold to you.
>>> It is not a prototype, it was just made in the USA custom shop here in Tampa Florida.
>>> Not all USA custom shop guitars are signed by the artist. Only when they do limited runs.

>>> Thank you for choosing Dean guitars.
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