LowEnd Exotic 33″ 5/24 HOLLOWBODY Hollywood Top


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This bass is not for sale

Hollywood Top
Spalt quilt Maple back
Ash body
Hollywood ramp
Howard did amazing job on Custom wound dual coil Ulyate pickups
Chris did an amazing job on the wood construction
Pat did an amazing jobs on the Blue Burst (chip was in shipping on headstock) not pats fault and will be repaired

Hollowbody wings only, I will not cut through center for an inferior design, even for $$$ ..

just ask the customer having someone coping my HollowBody J design…..
I’ll leave it at that. But this guy had the nerve to try and copy my Btype neck and even pickups…..
not the builder, Xcustomer requested builder too…. :(

Added note, and I hate to air this but to correct his mis-information he has posted publicly on a forum.
I offered his money back twice when he requested I make a modification I felt was inferior in design and both times he declined. And agreed to move forward. It was the 3rd time he went around be to get someone to try and change my mind on my design that I refunded him and then emailed him to explain I was sorry but I would not be building his instrument and that he needed a contract builder that built to a customers specs not the builders.