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S.O.S Bass Preamp

At Shaw Audio, we listen to our customers. We kept hearing from bass players who wanted a tube based, rack mountable preamp that would be at home on stage as well as in the studio. After many months of testing and developing, the S.O.S preamp was born. Built around a pair of classic 6SL7 octal tubes, the S.O.S preamp starts with a powder coated 16ga steel chassis, and is hand wired in true old school point to point fashion. Power comes through a combination of a custom wound Mercury Magnetics high voltage transformer mated with a world class DC heater power module for ultra quiet operation. The S.O.S preamp can be used to drive almost any power amp while simultaneously providing a balanced feed to front of house or a recording console. The balanced out is a transformerless module designed by Creation Audio Labs in Nashville, TN. This configuration will eliminate the need for the end user to carry an expensive direct box on the road.
Overview of front panel controls:
Gain – acts as a continuously variable input pad allowing the use of passive and active basses.
Bass – adjusts low end response, pull for extra fatness.
Middle – 6 position switch to adjust midrange frequency. Scoop or boost is dependent on position of bass and treble controls.
Treble – adjusts high end response. Pull for extra brightness.
Volume – adjusts the signal level to the balanced out as well as the final tube stage.
Master – adjusts the output of the final tube stage feeding the unbalanced 1/4 output. This level does not affect the balanced feed and is normally used to feed a stage amp.
The Shaw S.O.S preamp may be the missing piece to your ideal bass rig.