Steinberger brand

Steinberger XT Headless Bass in RARE RED

Steinberger XT Headless Bass in RARE RED- Last one made by Ned Steinberger before he sold his company to Gibson Guitars. It was actually made by Ned Steinberger in the Gibson Plant (Rare)!!!!!!!! He never sold this one: he actually gave it to Ted Herbert as a gift. It is lightweight with a red rock maple body and a carbon fiber neck. Serial #4158. Comes with a gig bag. Very good condition.


Steinberger L2 Fretless #461

Anyone can help with this one.... Fretless L2 and I think its original. There is a thin graphite laminate over the board. You can see the lines and dots under it from what was the original fretted version. The Bass is in Excellent condition with some finish chips down the side of the board where the fret positions are normally.

History of the bass from original owner below.......Hi Brian--Forgive the length of this e-mail, but there's a lot to say...



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