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True-Voice Tube Preamp is BACK!!!! ONE left of this Design

Only one left in this old box design

Yes, for those that are familiar with the TV preamp and for those that have asked for years for me to bring it back...... IT HERE!!!

This is the First of the New TV, still with the original mind set of the TV and built in the USA point to point utilizing the 6SN7 or 6SL7 tube for huge Tube warmth!!!

I have 5 of these old original cases left.... the first 5 will be a limited Edition of the RI TV before the New boxes come out.

BOOTY IN ABOX - The LowEnd Pre

Get your BOOTY IN ABOX now! The LowEnd or LEJ pre now being offered externally after much demand! The BIB is setup with either a Switch or Stomp Box button for On or Bypass. The Master Tone Control functions in both modes while in On mode you get the LE pre Bass and Treb control. The Box runs off two 9 Volt Batterys. $299

Quantum Audio Cables!!!!!!

Quantum Audio cable for Instrument and Speaker 12 Gauge Speakon and 1/4.

Two Different Instrument Cables, the Bass Cable which have more Low End and the HIFI gold tip which is a clear response. Quite amazing at the difference between these and other cables I've had in the shop. Bass Cable is $39 and HIFI $39Also Available is the Speakon to Speakon or 1/4 Speaker 12 gauge cables. $39

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